April 29, 2015 at 11:02 am

United States Summer 2015 Weather Forecast



Most always release winter forecasts, however it is always interesting to see how summer will play out and this forecast for the United States has now been released so read on for details.

This summer will have an active Arizona Monsoon, going with above average in Phoenix and well above for Tucson.  The active monsoon will be due to the stronger four corners ridge in place.  Given the ridge placement, do feel that the western extent of the ridge/moisture would be into the Colorado River Valley of Southern California, north to around Las Vegas, NV.  The temperatures will be above average.

Because of the Southwestern United States drought, temperatures will remain hotter than average for California, with the hottest temperature departure from average being in the Pacific Northwest.

The coldest area will be in the Rocky Mountain and Plains States.  There are summers where Kansas/Oklahoma seem to have some of the hottest and longest stretches of days … but this summer is not one of them.  Given these areas have had a good amount of rainfall as of recent times, the temperatures in those zones will be … at average … cooler than normal.

Above normal temperatures with a ridge off the FL Coast will be likely across the South/Southeast.

Precipitation from this would bring surface lows (tropical systems) up from the Gulf of Mexico through Northern Florida … bringing the most rainfall this summer across Northern Florida and Southeast GA.  Regardless, a lot of the United States would be seeing above average precipitation this summer.

Given the warm/moisture environment across Illinois and Michigan/Indiana … there is a very good chance for major severe weather outbreaks there, including tornado outbreaks … so be advised as the upper level jet moves into the north and brings impulses through the area this summer.


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