November 11, 2015 at 7:41 am

Tornado Watch


111115a1 has issued a Tornado Watch for Southwest/Southern half of IA … Northern MO … Extreme Western IL … Northwest KS … Southeast NE  … effective through today …

Issued:  11/11/15 at 9:40am CT

Low-topped supercells will form in Northwest MO and Southwest IA this afternoon and move east-northeast throughout the evening, developing as far south as Columbia, MO.  These storms will be in a low instability and high sheared environment.  Due to the discreet nature of the system along with very high shear values … tornadoes (some strong) will be possible, centering along the IA/MO border or very close to it near or just south/southeast of the Creston, IA forecast region.

Storms will weaken below tornadic capabilities as they head eastward toward the Davenport, IA areas, the southern end into Western IL (Quincy) later in the period.

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