May 2, 2019 at 4:39 am

May 2019 Weather Forecast Pattern For Southern California


May 2019 will have a mixed temperature profile with key dates having excellent weather and the first major heatwave in the region so for details read on …

The beginning of May we will have a slight bump in temperatures this weekend, followed by a cool-down as another cutoff system comes in early this next week.  This will bring a deeper onshore flow, cooler weather, and a chance of passing showers surrounding Monday.  This is not a major system, not even a moderate system.  This system may pass without some of you seeing any raindrops from it, other than a deeper marine layer and some drizzle.  The beginning half of may all the way through at least the 10th looks cooler than average to average in temperatures for the region.  This next week from Tuesday to at least Thursday could have a back-end trough move in and this will be monitored for future updates.

Once we hit the second half of May is when many of you probably have camping trips scheduled, surrounding Memorial Day Weekend.  This looks great right now as I am seeing ridging developing and with that will come warmer than average temperatures along with dry weather.  This would be a typical Southern California second half of May so enjoy the outdoors.

For the entire forecast though, will go with average temperatures for the region as a whole, but above average for the metros and coast for details to below for the mountains and deserts.  The coldest period with precipitation will be the first half and the warmest and driest the second half.  We will have at least 1 or 2 heatwaves for the second half and one of them could be a strong one, marking the first High Heat Warning product I’ll need to issue for the region.

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