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Why Pay For It?
Because if you’ve been helped by this site, you’ll love the email alert service which includes personal forecast contact forms AND AD FREE WEBSITE.  All articles/alerts we issue go over this system, sent directly to you, quicker than the app and quicker than Facebook (not reliable) posts.

Who Uses Us?
We have many residential and business customers that depend on our weather forecasts and some are listed below.

* Insurance  * Other Meteorologists  * Utility Companies  * Heating/Air  * Event Coordinators  * Construction
* Farmers  * Landscaping  * Grocery Stores  * Snow Removal  * Schools  * Lawyers  * DOT  * Radio Stations * Recreation * Churches, etc…

Contact Us Anytime: 
A special contact form only for weather related questions at anytime.  We have thousands on our Facebook Page and can’t get to everyone but if you are planning an event, or wanting specifics, we can do that.  As a member you have direct contact to us for those questions.  This is a great value and pays for itself the first time you use it for planning or rescheduling.

The table below has a list of options available to the free option only.
Full Members at ONLY $1 per MONTH or $12/year paid ANNUALLY get everything on that list. If you can’t afford that small amount then you have that free option which is plenty but not as effective as being a member.

Below is a list of member benefits:

Item Free Option
Viewable Website YES
Android App (no instant alerts) YES
Facebook Page (NOT as Reliable) YES
Email Alert System (Most reliable) Member Only
InContent-Ad-Free Viewing Member Only
Access To Member Zone Member Only
Contact Weather Team For Answers Member Only
Locked In Yearly Rate (No Price Hike) Member Only


ONLY $1 per MONTH or $12/year paid ANNUALLY FULL Member Package? Fill out the form below and click submit. Remember $12/year and you can lock in that rate for a lifetime even if we hike the price up for new members months down the line.




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    I subscribed. How do I get a log in?

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