July 7, 2020 at 10:32 AM

National Weather Force Network Notification App for Android and IOS Download Page


IOS USERS: Dark mode is not supported attm so you can download it, take the mode off, pick your zones, and put it back on.  Funds just are not available for dark mode right now which will be another $1000 I do not have.  The main fix and concern was having over 1000 people receive these notifications, which was the final fix.  It is a FREE app.. do not complain and do not rate it down just because it is not supported.  I told you how to do get around it above, utilize it. Any dark mode ratings will be removed by Apple and noted as NOT pertaining to the app.
COST: Free version
ABOUT: National Weather Force is strictly for notifications of the pages and projects I have for FB. Basically you do not have to wait for Facebook to notify you of a post from Southern California Weather Force, Arizona Weather Force, National Weather Force,California Fault Stress Model, Chemtrail Forecasts, or Project DESTINI
AFTER DOWNLOADING: Go to get notifications and check-mark the ones you want to receive. That is it, you save that and then let the app notify you when an update is given. Sometimes you will wait for days. You will be notified right after the post is live on Facebook. A link to that Facebook post will be sent through the simple app and you can come right to it from there. That is it! No more waiting!
NOTE: Just because the app is downloaded does not mean to unfollow the page. I need to keep the numbers to the 100,000 follower goal. I’ve seen 80 unfollows since last week’s post and likely the reason is because of the app being downloaded.
There will be times this page has something the app does not.
REMEMBER: This is a simple notification app and nothing else. Facebook likes to hide pages in your news-feed sometimes and make me pay to have it there so what I did is defy Facebook and decided to have an app developed where you will get a simple push notification from it that says HEY a new post on the page is available. It is just like ‘following’ the pages you choose just in a 100% reliable way. This should help for the coming season pending we can make member quotas for micro-climate alert and fundraiser renewals.
This aspect of the app is so simple that it is the free version of this service… but it will be beautiful when thousands download it and come comment, like, share the posts when the weather gets bad. Your return help like that will help spread SCWF more and this page will also grow with the new app.

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