June 24, 2021 at 10:13 AM

Tornado Advisory


Weather Alert: Tornado Advisory

Office: National Weather Force
Date Issued: 6-24-2021 – 12pm CT
Issued From: NWF Tornado Risk Model

National Weather Force has issued a Tornado Advisory effective this evening into some of the night.

Thunderstorms are expected to form on the KS/NE border this evening. These storms will be in a strong low-level sheared environment for low-level rotation. Storms building before merging into a line later have the better chance for isolated tornadoes. The beginning stages show on the model that mainly weak tornadoes exist and weak meaning EF0-1 type.  The model is centering between two cities in Northeast Kansas. Highland and Denton, KS.

Storms will eventually form a line through Eastern KS and Missouri overnight and the boundary layer will become stable, ending the tornado threat.

The upper divergence is lacking during storm development, a reason the model knocked a lot of the values down for stronger tornadoes. The upper divergence kicks in a lot during the night, but the boundary layer again.. cools and becomes stable so it turns into a damaging wind and large hail event through Missouri …

A Tornado Advisory is issued here at National Weather Force when conditions fall short of a full tornado watch and/or weak tornadoes are expected in or around the outlined area.

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