October 26, 2023 at 8:16 PM

Moderate to Heavy Snow Anticipated Across CO on Saturday Oct 28th


Across CO Region:

Multiple rounds of snow showers are expected, with a few being particularly heavy, especially across the mountains. The first round of snow showers is anticipated mainly across the mountains on Friday night. As the cold front pushes further east and more meteorological elements align (see forecast below for details), another round of heavier and more consistent snow showers is expected across the broader region of CO, including Denver and the plains. The most intense snowfall is predicted for Saturday morning, with additional rounds of snow showers possible throughout the evening for the entire region, especially the mountains.

Regions Impacted: Colorado Mountains, Denver, Greeley, and CO Plains

Forecast Details:

A trough axis with a positive tilt is forecast to descend from the northwestern Rockies to Utah by late Saturday night. Simultaneously, a powerful upper jet streak is predicted to ascend into Colorado. By mid-day on Saturday, a cold front is expected to advance into the lower elevations, introducing significantly colder air to the region and producing a mild, weak upslope. Combined with moisture, this will likely lead to the formation of snow showers across the region, which can be heavy at times. From late Friday to early Sunday, the expansive and gradually moving trough axis is set to induce a modest ascent. The heaviest snowfall is anticipated around early Saturday morning, especially west of I-25. Local accumulations might surpass 6 inches, with mountainous regions seeing 10-18 inches, and even higher amounts in certain areas. These snow showers are projected to continue throughout the morning, predominantly in the mountains, with more snow expected on Saturday evening and into the night.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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